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BioScan SRT is a safe, painless, and non-invasive technology which combines the disciplines of acupuncture, biofeedback, and homeopathy to help the body begin healing and return to a balanced state. 


Please select from "Initial Scan" for your first visit, or select "Rescan" for subsequent scans. 



1) Prepay online for your remote scan here.


2) Gather your DNA samples:

*2-3 hair strands to the root

*3-4 fingernail or toenail clippings (no particular length required)

*Cheek swab with 1-2 Q-tips (rub Q-tip inside of your cheek)


3) Place all 3 samples in 1 Ziplock bag along with health form (below) and drop off or mail to:

Pine Hill Farm

200 W. Main Street

Watertown, WI 53098


Health intake form found here: HEALTH FORM


After we receive your DNA samples, you'll receive an email in 1-2 weeks with scan results and recommendations. At that time, we will ask for your availability to schedule a phone call follow up with an RN. Please contact Lynley at with questions. 

For more information on BioScan SRT testing, please visit

Remote BioScan Prepay

PriceFrom $115.00
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